Looking for a Dentist & Dental Care In Brookside NJ. It’s important to choose a dental clinic that has a proven track record of providing exceptional care at affordable prices. Dr. Saloni Angra believes in compassion and affordable dental care for all of his patients. Her office strives to provide the best dental care possible for every patient. Read on to learn more about Dr. Angra and her philosophy of dental care.

Abscessed teeth

Dr. Saloni Angra is committed to compassionate, affordable dental care for all patients. She takes pride in providing the highest quality of care and aims to provide optimal dental health to her patients. She believes in treating each patient as an individual and understands their unique dental needs. She is available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. If you have experienced pain or discomfort associated with your teeth, you should seek dental treatment from a dentist with years of experience in treating toothaches.

The symptoms of an abscessed tooth include sensitivity to hot and cold foods, swelling of the jaw, and an open sore on the side of the gum. In addition, you may experience general discomfort and a fever. In order to diagnose an abscess, your dentist may perform a CT scan or X-ray. The results will determine if there is a bacterial infection in the mouth and whether it has spread to other areas. You may also notice an abscess-like swelling of your gums, which may be painful when you press or tap your tongue.

Treatment for an abscessed tooth often involves root canal surgery. The doctor will use a special tool to numb the tooth and reach the pulp. Once the root canal is complete, a synthetic material will be placed in the socket to help prevent the infection from returning. This procedure can save the tooth if treatment is done as soon as possible. Your dentist will also recommend a course of antibiotics if necessary, but they will not remove the abscessed tooth.

Dental emergencies

If you’re in need of immediate dental care, there are many resources to find dentists who offer emergency services. One of those resources is the Emergency Dentist 24/7 Summit service, which operates around the clock. The service can help you find a dentist and helps verify insurance. If you don’t have dental insurance, the service also offers financing options. It can help you get the care you need without spending more than you can afford.

Getting emergency care as soon as possible is essential in any type of emergency. In some cases, a knocked-out tooth can be replaced quickly to prevent further damage and the need for a dental implant. Another emergency can happen with a sports injury or a fall. Even if you’re wearing a mouth guard, accidents still happen, and you should visit an emergency room before a dentist to be sure that you’re safe.

A broken tooth, or a cracked or severely decayed tooth, can be extremely painful and require immediate attention. In these cases, Brookside Dental Arts will be happy to accommodate same-day appointments. Patients who suffer from toothache should visit the dentist as soon as possible for pain relief and to help prevent infection. The team will discuss their treatment options with you, and will work to relieve your pain as soon as possible. If you can’t wait for a regular appointment, contact our team to make one.

Cost of dental care

While the cost of dental care in Brookside, NJ varies widely from dentist to dentist, there are some standard procedures that can run anywhere from $50 to over $350. These services may include a routine teeth cleaning, an X-ray, and a cap. Some services may be free or covered by your insurance. Regardless of your insurance coverage, you should know exactly how much to expect to pay before you book an appointment.